I'm R. Don Steele. I post here every day! Discover what it takes to FIND, MEET, TALK WITH, CALL AND DATE desirable women. Start going out and keep going out! When Dream Girl finally appears, you’ll know what to do, what to say. Why? Your confidence increases with every new woman. Why? Each time you learn more about dealing with the endless tests, moods, and whims of females!

None of the dating “experts” have done what they tell you “how” to do. I have. The Dream Girl Series is the result of 40 years of my experience with literally hundreds of women. Married three times, ten years each. During every marriage I had torrid affairs with many young women. In the middle of those marriages I was single for eleven years. During that time I had four long-term girlfriends one of whom I would have happily married! I had great sexual affairs with about 60 young women, that’s where Date Young Women came from!

Beyond real world experience, I know a ton of clinical data from my years in grad school, interning with Nathaniel Branden for five years, private practice for 14 years and continuing education as a psychotherapist. Over the past 25 years, I have helped thousands of men find, meet, talk, date, mate, relate. You are going to learn FACTS. Tomorrow morning, put these facts to work for you.

Steel Balls Principle 1:

First, you must look like someone she wants to talk with! Follow the suggestions in Dress for Success with Women and immediately increase your odds! Hundreds of pictures show you what to do. Warning! No matter what Pick Up Artists promise, if you don’t look like someone she wants to talk with nothing happens!

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Steel Balls Principle 2:

When you eventually meet Dream Girl, your body language radiates, I am relaxed and confident. Get Body Language Secrets and watch the videos. Practice standing and walking and shaking hands like a relaxed, confident man! After you know the postures and signals, you can fake it a bit until you are genuinely relaxed and confident from dating many, many women.

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Steel Balls Principle 3:

While dating you develop an iron-clad Right Attitude! Dream Girl can tell because when you shake hands with her, you have a dry firm manly handshake. You talk about things SHE wants to talk about! And she feels like she is the only woman on the planet. Why? You don’t look around the room as you radiate . . . “I am the catch . . . I’m slightly interested . . .” Brief flashes of lust in your eyes tell her this is about sex not friendship!

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